Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Anglers Brave Poor Weather

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Anglers Brave Poor Weather

Article excerpt

Byline: Rick O'Ferrall

THERE'S only so much frustration with the very ordinary standard of weather forecasting on the Coffs Coast that the average game fisherman can stand and speaking for myself, I'm about over it.

Earlier this week, Sunday's forecast said south-easterly winds up to 15 knots during the day, while the prediction for Monday was more of the same to 18 knots.

Based on that, we decided to go out on Sunday, hoping to show some visitors from Victoria who had done plenty of tuna fishing and seen plenty of sharks what a real marlin looked like.

But instead of the forecast mild south-easterly breeze blowing as predicted, it didn't take long before we were confronted by a screecher out of the northeast blowing hard enough to turn the ocean into a rough and tumble mess that had even the big 40-footer we were on rolling around like a cork. Of course the marlin were smarter.

They simply cruised around in the calm zone 20 to 40 fathoms below the surface rounding up the masses of bait that had also taken shelter down there, and rightly refusing to come anywhere near the surface.

The only fish in any numbers up in the slop we were driving around in were flying fish, which just love launching off the tops of the breaking waves and being able to glide twice as far in the strong winds, so at least the poor conditions were good for them.

Better than Vegas was also lured out by the sucker forecast, but at least they found one marlin that was game enough to try to grab one of the lures that were flying out of the waves. Predictably though, even that fish couldn't hit the lure accurately in the messy chop, so its strike only resulted in it bill-wrapping itself long enough to make a short run without hooking up.

However, when it looked hopeless after a day without any fish, at least a few of the less fussy pelagics showed up, and we grabbed a mahi-mahi while Vegas caught one of the first wahoo of the season - a great 24kg fish caught by angler Brendan Herndan.

It's good to see these blue and silver seaborn rockets turn up around this time each year. …

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