Steroid Abuse a Growing Trend Illegal Drugs Rife in Body Image Epidemic; Warwick Health Professionals Warn of Local Underground Culture

Article excerpt

Jayden Brown


MEDICAL professionals in Warwick are warning of a growing and dangerous underground culture of steroid use among men searching for body perfection.

The users are increasingly turning to drugs such as steroids and peptides to achieve a desired look in a body image epidemic that has been compared to eating disorders in women.

Warwick Indoor Recreation and Aquatic Centre dry-Area co-ordinator Brendan Iles said there were always people aiming to be bigger and stronger than the person next to them.

"There's definitely a body image issue out there," he said.

"People don't look at the long-term effects of steroids on their body."

Queensland Health Needle and Syringe Program statistics show use of anabolic steroids has risen from 2% in 2008 to 8% in 2012/13.

Doctor Ross Hetherington from the Condamine Medical Centre said it highlighted increasing body image problems among young men.

"The needle exchange program statistics show that there are a lot of people using steroids," he said.

"The internet makes it easy to find the drugs and develop a program for using them."

Mr Iles said the use of steroids was not only afftecting men but was also an issue for women. …


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