Treatment Helps Deal with Trauma

Article excerpt

Byline: Alina Rylko

PICTURE this - you are sitting in a lab chair with electrodes attached to your head while a computer maps your brain, targetting unwanted memories for erasure.

Your cognitive data will be sent to Russian scientists for analysis.

No, you are not Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of Total Recall - you are sitting in Nerida Saunders' office in sunny Tweed Heads. Ms Saunders is a psychologist and she is treating patients with severe emotional trauma using a world-first neuroscience program as part of her PhD at Sydney University.

Her innovative study utilises Harvard University neuroscience technology and is open to residents from ages 25 to 70, with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, causes of which include car accidents, natural disasters, war and other violence.

She says the electric currents have the equivalent strength of a torch battery and stimulate the brain in areas of cognitive function to override stressful emotional response. …


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