Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Industry Leaks the Real Enemy?

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Industry Leaks the Real Enemy?

Article excerpt

Byline: Natalie Haynes, The Independent

WHO is the biggest enemy of film-makers and writers? Their thieving, online-sharing enthusiasts, according to the usual narrative.

Sticky-fingered fans won't hesitate to pirate work and share it. As a consequence, writers are earning peanuts, films aren't making back their costs, and the cultural end of days is nigh.

Fans have even been blamed for their excessive enthusiasm influencing the creator: is it Steven Moffat's fault that the last series of Sherlock wasn't up to scratch? Nope, it was those pesky fans again, liking his show too much and somehow therefore encouraging him to focus too much on the nerds and not enough on the mass audience.

But, as Quentin Tarantino has discovered, it's your friends you should be worrying about, more than your fans.

The director has this week announced that he is -- for now -- scrapping work on The Hateful Eight; a Western whose first-draft script has been leaked by an acting agent. Tarantino declared himself too depressed to continue with the project in the short-term.

While there will doubtless be people accusing him of diva-dom, it's a perfectly understandable reaction.

Rewriting is the hardest part of writing, but also the most satisfying.

Having people read a first draft is like having them eat uncooked dough instead of bread, and then telling you they think it's a little under-baked. Your work is being judged on its unfinished state, and for a writer to reclaim the enthusiasm needed for fixing mistakes is a very tough ask.

Tarantino has stopped just short of naming who he believes to be the guilty party, but remarked he gave the script to three actors, one of whom has the leaky agent.

So although those too-keen fans might be at fault for reading the leaked script, they didn't start this. As other writers have found before, it is often the industry people who can't be trusted. …

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