Zebras Earn Their Stripes on Long Journey to the Darling Downs

Article excerpt

THEY mightn't change their stripes, but the newest residents at the Darling Downs Zoo have dealt with a distinct change in habitat.

The Darling Downs Zoo at Pilton has just imported 10 young zebras from Texas -- a collection that has been in the works for six years.

The zebras left Texas in the midst of a cold snap sweeping the United States, in a climate of about minus 11 degrees, only to be greeted by 40-degree weather on the Darling Downs.

Zoo director Stephanie Robinson said she was relieved to have the zebras in the zoo, with a change in import health protocols with the spread of equine flu stretching out the process.

"They aren't getting as heat stressed now -- the first four or five days, we had a hose on them virtually all day, keeping the whole stable complex cool," she said.

"They're somewhat more stressy than horses -- there's no domestication whatsoever, they're really a pack animal. …


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