Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Quality European Is a Fine Family Fit

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Quality European Is a Fine Family Fit

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The engine should start pretty well straight away and idle smoothly the moment it fires up.

Any unevenness in the engine under acceleration is a cause for concern as it could mean the Mondeo is due for a major overall, though it might just be a tuning problem. Feel and listen for manual gearchanges that aren't smooth and quiet. Hard third-to-second changes are usually the first to play up.

On an automatic the transmission shouldn't hold onto a lower gear for too long or hunt up and down unnecessarily through the ratios.

Check for crash repairs, most easily spotted by panels which don't quite fit or have a ripply finish. Also look for paint colours that don't quite match or for tiny spots of paint on unpainted surfaces.

Build quality isn't quite to Japanese standards so have a good look over the Mondeo's interior to make sure everything fits properly.

During your test drive listen for squeaks and rattles that may mean the car has been used extensively on gravel roads.

FORD Mondeos are medium to large cars from Europe that have had an on-again off-again career in Australia. In its latest iteration, introduced in 2007, the Mondeo is almost in the Falcon class. There have been tentative suggestions that when the Aussie Falcon disappears in 2016 the Mondeo, by then in its next generation, could be rebadged as a Falcon.

The Ford Mondeo was originally sold in Australia from 1995 until 2002, but high prices and so-so marketing meant it didn't sell well, despite the fact it was a big success in Europe.

It seems Australia just wasn't ready for a small family car.

The return of the Mondeo in October 2007 saw an all-new car that has had reasonable sales figures, though we can't help but feel that Ford Australia still didn't put its heart into it. We will concentrate on Mondeos from 2007 onwards in this article.

Being aimed at European buyers, the Ford Mondeo has excellent roadholding and handling. …

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