Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Facebook's Big Birthday Update Is Nothing to Celebrate

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Facebook's Big Birthday Update Is Nothing to Celebrate

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THIS year will be a special one when it comes to anniversaries in our house.

In August, it will be 10 years since Mum and Dad stood up in front of all of their friends and family and promised to love each other forever. In September, it will be 10 years since Mum said goodbye to her mummy, our Grandy, who we never knew but have heard was an absolute treat to have as a grandma.

Also in September, Mum will hit the grand old age of 39, which has caused slight upset this week, as she was convinced she was approaching 38. To say she has been perturbed would be an understatement - particularly as she made a similar mistake last year. Apparently, this kind of repetitive confusion has a name - "denial", I think - but I've strayed from my train track of thought.

You're probably wondering what has prompted the bringing up of these later-in-the-year landmarks here in early February.

Well, this week saw another 10th anniversary come and go - and didn't we all know about it. Facebook (FB), the place where everyone seems to have a much better life than is humanly possible while befriending the people they'd swap train carriages to avoid in the real world, turned 10. (So it has been here four times as long as moi... but while some would say it has had more of an impact, I like to think those who know me would disagree.) Regardless, those at FBHQ decided, in their thumbs-up wisdom to offer all their users a present to mark the occasion - namely a compilation of photos, statuses and statistics to sum up your time in the world of pokes, shares, likes, comments and, let's face it, all-out smugness.

They called it a "movie" but I'm guessing they'll be getting a call from trading standards.

What a load of old potty contents. Suddenly everyone's newsfeed - the bit of FB which updates you on all the things your "friends" want you to know about - was littered with everyone else's FB journey so far, or more accurately, a couple of random photographs and a few statuses which got more that 1.5 "likes", set to sentimental music.

Could there be a more appropriate time for the introduction of a "don't like" button? …

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