Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Ordinary People Will Suffer If Justice Is beyond Their Means

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Ordinary People Will Suffer If Justice Is beyond Their Means

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IHEAR from too many victims of child abuse not to take the subject seriously.

Last week saw fresh revelations about abuse in schools and the effects of Saville linger.

But I admit my jaw dropped when I read advice, from the Sex Education Forum which advises teachers, that parents who allow grandma to give a reluctant child a kiss on the cheek risk causing permanent harm as it blurs boundaries over what is acceptable when it comes to physical contact..

If you can draw a parallel between a grandmother's kiss and a child having underage sex you have a different mind-set to mine.

It's a sad truth that even grandparents can abuse and, yes, even the most angelic child can sometimes decide they hate the world and won't kiss anyone, even grandma.

But in a week which saw figures released which showed more than 5,000 children under the age of consent, some as young as eleven, were diagnosed with sexual infections, kissing or not kissing grandma seems utterly irrelevant.

They would Rhave you believe E A C ? TION to last week's piece on wind farms was mixed. Some readers agreed with me. Others they're existing on cuppasoups said I was wrong to say wind power could play only a 'minor part' in our energy supply.

and gruel Actually, I didn't say it. I quoted the Renewable Energy Foundation saying it.

One reader supplied figures for December, a record month, but the picture as a whole depends on the interests of whoever is supplying the data.

It's the same with climate change. You'll be told the polar ice cap is either wafer-thin or thickening so fast that the survey ship is trapped in ice depending on who's opining.

Last week David Cameron attributed the floods to climate change and the Met Office disagreed. 'At the moment there's no evidence to suggest these storms are more intense because of climate change.' Some scientists supported the Prime Minister. Others cited worse floods centuries before man-made climate damage existed, like the Great Storm of 1703, which killed hundreds.

I Google frantically and read voraciously in search of answers to three questions. 1. Are wind farms effi-cient? 2. Are they financially viable? 3. Can they plug the gap left when coal-fired power stations close? If anyone has the AUTHENTIC answers I'd love to hear them.

BARRISTERS on picket lines made an unusual sight. They would have you believe they're existing on cuppa-soups and gruel.

The government claims they're fat cats growing rich on legal aid stumped up by the taxpayer.

The Justice Minister claims criminal barristers' earn an average of PS84,000, but the government's own figures show legal aid barristers earn an average PS50,000 - after VAT, chambers fees and other expenses that's equivalent to a taxable income of PS32,000. …

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