Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)


Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)


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Darren Maughan, London I was at home in Bromley, Kent. I didn't have the satellite connection so I listened to the BBC.

As we all know, Boro soon went 2-0 up very early in the game.

I remember saying: "Boro have never had as good an opportunity to win a cup. If we fail from here, we are never going to win anything."

Soon Bolton scored. I had a panic attack. My family were worried. Action needed to be taken.

"I have to leave the house," I said. I stormed out and went to a local park. I found a bench and sat there, switching my mobile phone off.

I saw a magpie fly near me and I remember that a single magpie is unlucky -typical on such a day and also as a representation of Newcastle United.

I looked for its partner. I found it. I felt better. A robin was near too and I thought, 'You're a red. You represent Boro.' These were the strange thoughts I had when Boro were at Cardiff.

A few minutes before full time, I decided to walk home. Never have I walked so slow in my life, until I realised I was to walk past a pub.

Here, I sprinted lest I should hear any regulars talk about the match. Only later did I find out no television facilities existed there.

I phoned home. 'The match is still going,' I was told. I put the phone down. Hurry up and win I thought.

I found myself at local shops and did some shopping. Afterwards, I phoned again. 'We've won,' I was told. Relief came over me. At long last, I thought, I have lived to see Boro win a major trophy.

I walked home with a spring in my step. As I entered the house I just screamed, 'YES!' Leon Haslam, Marton I remember crying my eyes out in the Millennium Stadium when 'Strings For Yasmin' by Tin Tin Out started playing.

I had a feeling of happiness that I had never before experienced and have never felt again since... yet.

Bernard Lawrence, Redcar My proudest memories are watching my daughter lead out the team, meeting the whole squad, including Mr Gibson. …

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