Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Why Do People Feel the Need to Get Falling Down Drunk at All?

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Why Do People Feel the Need to Get Falling Down Drunk at All?

Article excerpt

Byline: KATE FOX

ITEND to fear all obviously drunk people are going to try and kiss me, be sick on me or punch me and are therefore to be avoided.

I'm definitely in favour of Police Commissioner Vera Baird's attempts to make city centres feel safer by making bars with happy hours pay more tax.

This won't solve the underlying problems though.

It's often pointed out that there is a correlation between supermarket booze prices and public drunkenness.

People "pre-load" with drink before they go for a night out. But surely that's only another layer down and still barely scratches the surface? Why do people feel the need to get falling down drunk at all? I drink I turn now to my namesake Kate Fox. The one who is a Social Anthropologist and wrote the book Watching the English about all our strange eccentricities and foibles.

so little that a slice of Christmas She has done studies which show that much of the effects of alcohol are psychosomatic.

cake can make me tipsy There's nothing inherent in necking a pint of Vodka which then causes you to don some L-plates and pink handcuffs and try and cop off with a bouncer.

That's not what an Eskimo would do if they downed some 97% proof in the middle of a snowstorm. They'd probably fall asleep.

They wouldn't be found draped all over the nearest reindeer telling it they loved it and how it was their best pal.

Booze-related behaviour is very culturally specific and is often connected to what we're not generally allowed to express in public.

In English people's case that's often affectionate or sexual or loud behaviour.

There were some revealing interviews on Radio Newcastle in response to news that Northumbria Police pick up more women for public drunkenness than forces in the North West or Yorkshire.

People said that women are like that when they're "Let loose from their husbands" and "lose control".

Actually, given that it's still not generally acceptable for females to show "too much" pleasure about anything in public or risk being labelled a bad girl or a ladette or a cougar or whatever epithet has been chosen to keep females in their place, then no wonder people need the excuse of alcohol to let off some steam. …

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