Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Put Your Grey Matter to the Test with Weekend's Weekly Brain Buster

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Put Your Grey Matter to the Test with Weekend's Weekly Brain Buster

Article excerpt

Beginning with "l", which acid builds up in the body during strenuous exercise?

Jane Gray, Australia's oldest person, of Smithfield, NSW, last year celebrated which birthday (a) 108th (b) 110th (c) 112th?

In which country was a law passed last year to ban internet users from discussing current affairs (a) Canada (b) Fiji (c) Vietnam?

Supermodel Elle Macpherson celebrates which significant birthday today?

"You're everything I've hoped for. You're everything I need," are lyrics from which song?

In 2013, which ex-Spice Girl was banned from appearing on The Project on Channel 10 after Channel 7 enforced a court order?

Which 2013 movie told the story of Cecil Gaines, a butler at the White House for 34 years?

Last year, which former New South Wales sports minister was appointed CEO of the Gold Coast Titans?

Which US teen idol was reportedly seen sneaking out of a brothel in Brazil last year?

Fredrick Holder was the first to occupy which official position in the Australian federal parliament?

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee is (a) Austrian (b) German (c) Kenyan?

"By 1990, Bob became a pathological narcissist. In the end I had to execute him," said which former Australian prime minister in an interview with Kerry O'Brien last year?

Installed on New York railway platforms in 1888, the first vending machines in the USA dispensed (a) chewing gum (b) cigarettes (c) newspapers?

For the third consecutive year, which horse won the 2013 Australian Horse of the Year award?

Which astronaut hit a golf ball on the moon in 1971?

In which Scottish city last year were eight people killed when a police helicopter crashed into the Clutha Pub?

Who was assassinated on the way to meet actor Peter Ustinov in 1984?

Which former world heavyweight boxing champion has five sons with the name George?

Which Asian country traditionally flies its flag upside down in wartime?

Nazi Air chief Hermann Goering placed a bounty of $5000 on which Second World War airman and Hollywood star, dead or alive?

Which retailer has sponsored the New York Thanksgiving Day Parade for almost 90 years? …

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