Political Heavyweight Gets Typical Analysis; Book Stops Short of Offering Any Revelations

Article excerpt

Byline: Anne Payne


Authors: Jonathon Allen and Amie Parnes

Data: Crown, 440 pages, $26

"HRC" opens among the smoldering June 2008 ashes of Hillary Clinton's upset defeat in the Democratic presidential primary season. It closes in 2013, as her assumed campaign for 2016 presidential election solidifies. In between, it chronicles the exercise of a level of global responsibility that comes to very few, much less to anyone working for an erstwhile bitter rival.

The book is not an effort to plumb its subject's psyche, nor does it put the Obama administration's foreign policy into a grand historical context. It is an account by political reporters Jonathon Allen and Amie Parnes of Hillary Rodham Clinton's time as U.S. secretary of state, including how and why she decided to put aside campaign bitterness and give up a Senate seat for the uncertainties of an untried presidential administration. It weaves diplomatic, political and personal perspectives on her time in the office, and covers slightly tangential stories such as Bill Clinton's heavy participation in the 2012 Obama re-election campaign.

As a portrait of the individual, politician and stateswoman, "HRC" doesn't contain surprising material. …


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