Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

In the End the Bubble and the Housing Bubble Burst for Maria Miller

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

In the End the Bubble and the Housing Bubble Burst for Maria Miller

Article excerpt

Byline: KATE FOX

IMAGINE if the Defence Secretary said "I'm really not keen on tanks, guns, soldiers that sort of thing, but I'm going to do my best at the job".

Or if the Chancellor of the Exchequer said "I can't add up for toffee, me. Don't ask me about Libor rates, I get all my financial advice from Martin Lewis on".

You'd worry wouldn't you? So why is it OK to have culture secretaries who look like they've been a little bit sick in their mouth when they stand next to artists or a Minister for Women who voted against gay marriage for women? Perhaps it's indicative of how seriously a government takes these traditionally "soft" topics.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has rightly gone after failing to apologise adequately for her dodgy expenses.

(Though an element of the story that illustrated more about what's wrong with the economy than MPs having let themselves become accustomed to maximising expenses was the fact that she made a profit of over a million pounds on a London terraced house she'd bought a few years before for PS275,000).

In the end her bubble and the housing bubble burst. Now elements of her job have been split up. Mindbogglingly it has taken until now for us to have an Asian Secretary of State. Sajid Javid takes on Culture and Equalities.

Nicky Morgan takes on women. But her religious faith apparently makes it a problem for her to vote for lesbian marriage and abortion.

Brilliant, just what women need when there are now only three women out of a cabinet of twenty two. A reactionary Conservative known for toeing the party line.

A journalist speculated this week that perhaps David Cameron was so keen to hang on to Maria Miller because she was the only state school educated woman in his cabinet.

I don't get the overwhelming impression that this is of much importance to him, judging from his other appointments. But it does show how significant and complicated the issues facing the new Ministers for equality and women actually are. …

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