Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Intelligence Service for Your Intellectual Property

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Intelligence Service for Your Intellectual Property

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Another valuable service brought to you by NET IP AFAST and intuitive service to extract and analyse relevant information from patents, revealing valuable information about your competitors and markets.

This gives a helicopter view on technology and maps technology transfer opportunities to build solid partnerships.

Boost the efficiency of your research by lowering risks, avoiding reinvention, and highlighting potential opportunity areas. Patents can not only show who is working on the same problem across different industries but can also indicate who should be working together.

By identifying new links and companies and evaluating the IP of those companies, you may even find solutions that are relevant and new for your industry.

COMPETITORS | Analysis of which companies, universities and institutes are most active in filing patents similar to yours.

Find out who your competitors have been co-operating/working with in your field of interest.

Find out what patents and other research interests of your competitors.

Inventors - who are the inventors behind a patent - what other ones have they filed? Who can use my newly developed material/technique? Who has the same problem as me? MARKETS | Markets and sectors: What other applications, industries and processes has your technology been applied to? What other technologies are being applied in your market? Which countries have the most patents (and knowledge centres) in your area of technological interest? Where could my production process also be used for? PATENT | Powerful analysis to find the technological trends in your chosen domain.

What are the most valuable patents in your patent pool? An overview of the technologies/industries that are described in the patent pool.

Problem or Product Analysis an overview of problems within a domain and how other organisations have solved these. Which domains are involved in the data pool? If you are looking for different technologies to yours this is a great analysis to make a patent group of a domain of interest.

If you would like to take advan-tage of this service, or would like to know more, please contact or call Jenny Kwok on 03000 265 505.

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