Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

First Home Buyers Luck out in Survey

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

First Home Buyers Luck out in Survey

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Byline: Adam Davies APN Newsdesk

Where would you make cuts or spend savings?

Toowoomba residents

have their say

Cut back on management level spending; change indexation and freeze politician wages.

A pristine environment as a preventive health and economic initiative; embed clean energy activities into infrastructure and set real greenhouse emissions targets; decrease road infrastructure and increase electric rail.

Toowoomba's hospital is too smalla[degrees]An increase in service or size of our hospital would be an advantage.

Cancel recent politicians' pay rises, and index them to cost of living increases.

The remaining $600million would be best spent in bringing back a rail service which is actually a service for the farmers (grain, fruit, stock etc) and local businesses.

The pollies should place a wage freeze at the ministers' levels, bring in wage levels at all levels at local government; reduce the red tape, provide more online services; rather than sale of assets, lease these assets so that they generate an income stream.

Keep the new Toowoomba Range Crossing on track.

Save by not building sports stadiums, etc, and holding games, etc, this can be done by private enterprise.

Make significant cuts to the wages of politicians and senior bureaucrats.

I would like to see all members of government take a pay cut; solar panels should be supplied to every house in Queensland by the government then charge a rental fee that is cheap.

Dealing with debt

The Strong Choices survey will continue to be available until May 19.

To access it simply visit www.thechronicle. and hit the "Balancing the Books" link.

THE Queensland Government's first-home buyers' scheme could be in jeopardy if respondents to the Strong Choices survey get their way.

Thousands of our readers continue to read and fill in the online survey, launched a month ago, in a bid to test the mood of Queenslanders for asset sales and to see what taxpayers want to do about a ballooning budget deficit.

Readers continue to want more money spent on regional health services and infrastructure upgrades remain a clear priority for many. …

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