Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Don't Shy Away from Workplace Technology

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Don't Shy Away from Workplace Technology

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Byline: Candace Moody

I've been hearing from some workers (mostly baby boomers) that technology may be one of the issues holding them back in their careers. Technology is an important part of every business function, enabling companies to collaborate, communicate, store and secure data, and monitor and manage workers. If a hiring manager gets the sense that you are not comfortable with technology, it will probably hurt your chances. Some of what job seekers of a certain age perceive as age discrimination is self-inflicted when they joke about being techno-phobic.

If you feel that technology is not your friend, here are some ways you can repair the damage before you go to your next interview.

First, get familiar with social networks. Some boomers consider it a point of pride not to be active on any social networks; they consider it a waste of time and beneath their dignity. A 2013 survey reported that 86 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.

When companies are investing resources in a medium, they expect their employees to understand it and support it. It's not enough to finally get active on Facebook, either - you'll make a stronger impression if you understand where social networks are going, not where they've been. Blogs, video, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest are where companies are finding the highest engagement. You don't need to start a blog of your own, but following blogs related to your industry might be a great place to start your education.

Second, make sure you manage your personal technology well. Some career experts say that your mobile devices are scrutinized as closely as any of your accessories; if you wouldn't wear outdated clothes or carry a worn and shabby briefcase, you shouldn't carry an outdated phone. …

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