JOBS TO GO AS FUNDING AXED Funding Runs out for Jail Literacy Program; Money Dries Up for Youth Training Scheme and Prison Literacy Program

Article excerpt

Tyson Yates

JOBS will be lost from the Fraser Coast because of axed government-funded programs, a training service provider claims.

Lance Stone, the Fraser Coast Training Employment Support Service (TESS) chief executive officer told the Chronicle of the loss.

Mr Stone said TESS had delivered the federally funded Youth Connections program for the past three years, exceeding targets set for it annually to help 15- to 18-year-olds return to education.

"They've cancelled the funds for that, so there will be four people, qualified people that I have, that will lose their jobs directly - probably another one-and-a-half indirectly because of admin support," Mr Stone said.

THE Department of Education confirmed the scheme would end as scheduled in December 2014, blaming the previous Labor Government for failing to allocate funding to continue the program.

Mr Stone, who is also the Maisie Kaufman's Learning Centre operations manager, said those in correctional centres could lose out.

"We run programs in the prison for literacy, numeracy and hospitality - so people criticise people in jail as being grubs, just lock them up, throw away the key - but they're not prisons anymore they're actually correctional centres. …


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