Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Harley Rides High; Breen Stands out Amongst Stand-Ups

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Harley Rides High; Breen Stands out Amongst Stand-Ups

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IF YOU weren't at the Saraton Theatre when the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow stopped by last Friday, you were in the wrong place.

The quintet of Cal Wilson, Greg Behrendt, Beau Heartbreaker, Harley Breen and David Quirk provided two of the most entertaining hours Grafton has enjoyed in some time, with the large crowd clearly appreciating the top-quality, live comedy.

Wilson charmed her way through the night as hostess, American Behrendt took aim at Australia's native wildlife and Breen closed out the night with some truly memorable and shockingly honest tales of fatherhood.

If you are sensitive to a few swear words you may not have enjoyed the night as thoroughly, with Quirk providing the first shocked gasp as he dropped a c-bomb into his routine.

Heartbreaker was a "typical" Aussie bloke who played his guitar and delivered songs about manly things like beards, even if "he" is actually the cross-gendered creation of Selina Jenkins.

Jenkins' act came after the intermission and provided a smooth warm-up to the show-stealer that was Breen's main event.

Cal Wilson

It is fantastic to recognise performers who do some research before coming to town and Wilson is one of those.

She immediately latched onto the Grafton/South Grafton rivalry, using it to encourage audience participation and form an extra "last word" to her gags.

A lot of her material centred on the differences between Australia and her native New Zealand, with obligatory gags about our native animals' skills at killing.

David Quirk

Quirk opened with one of the gags of the night, recounting a memorable transaction from his days working in the retail industry.

He explained how a gentleman came into the store at opening time, beer bottle in hand and a laptop under his arm, with his sights set on acquiring a set of new kneepads -- and not for the reasons you might expect. …

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