Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Magnificent Machines

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Magnificent Machines

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Byline: Steve Hughes Motoring Editor

BMW has nally opened the order book for the latest incarnation of its iconic M3 sporting saloon, which also comes as a two-door coupe to be known as the M4.

Priced from PS56,175 for the saloon and from PS56,650 for the coupe, the newcomers are likely to be snappedup with the same degree of enthusiasm of their many generations of predecessors despite political correctness and the proliferation of speed cameras.

Britain remains one of the biggest markets in the world for so-called aordable supercars despite the dubious boast of more speed cameras than the rest of Europe put together and the impending introduction of nes as draconian as PS10,000.

Also, as the world moves inexorably closer to the possibility of dehumanising robotic driverless vehicles, there remains a majority of people for whom a car is not just a means of getting from one place to another.

ese are those folk who enjoy the art of driving for its own sake, hence the number of ordinary cars with extraordinary driving dynamics resulting from a plethora of sporting GT, RS and ST derivatives for which users are prepared to pay a handsome premium.

ey range dramatically in degrees of competence from those whose badges indicate only an extra bit of useless kit to genuinely re-engineered sporting masterpieces, of which BMWs with the M moniker are arguably the best.

e triumvirates are generally regarded to be Merc AMGs, Audi RSs and BMW's M models, which have evolved through several generations with claims of more for less at every stage.

In this latest guise the claim is genuine, with BMW replacing the normally aspirated eight-cylinder 4.0-litre engine with a smaller six cylinder 3.0-litre unit that achieves higher levels of performance thanks to an array of cutting-edge hi-tech features including a pair of relatively small turbochargers.

is is the rst time that BMW has used the blower system for its M series cars, which achieve an extra 9bhp over the last ones to give a new high of 425bhp. …

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