Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Oh for Crying out Loud

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Oh for Crying out Loud

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Byline: Helen Hawkes

Just How Loud Is It?

Whisper 30 decibels

Quiet office 40 decibels

Rainfall 50 decibels

Dishwasher, normal conversation, sewing machine 60 decibels

Hairdryer, heavy traffic, telephone 70 decibels

Alarm clock, vacuum cleaner, train 80 decibels

Electric razor, lawnmower, truck traffic 90 decibels

Chainsaw, stereo (about halfway) 100 decibels

Rock concert, power saw 110 decibels

Jet takeoff, nightclub, close thunder 120 decibels

Shotgun, fire alarm 140 decibels

Loudest rock band on record 160 decibels

Source: Better Hearing Australia

TIRED of repeating yourself 10times over with your partner or parent? You're not alone.

A new survey by Australian Hearing has revealed that two-thirds (64%) of Australians close to someone with hearing difficulties say hearing loss is putting their relationship under stress.

A breakdown in communication is driving this strain, with misunderstanding conversations (39%) the main cause of stress, while 82% say they are frustrated by arguments that often result from miscommunication due to hearing loss.

More than three million Australians have a partner who suffers from hearing loss and 4.8 million have a parent who is hard of hearing, the results found.

Australian Hearing principal audiologist Janette Thorburn said the lengthy period between a person with hearing impairment realising they have a problem and doing something about it is causing relationships to suffer.

What causes hearing loss

Constant exposure to loud noise is the number one cause of hearing loss because it hurts the cochlea (the sensory part of the ear) and the hearing nerve (the neural part). These are the most vital areas for normal hearing.

Keep up the noise levels and you'll lose the ability to hear the soft sounds that other people take for granted - a whisper or the sound of the ocean. …

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