Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Ellar Coltrane

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Ellar Coltrane

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Every week I award a gold star to a child of my choosing. The child in question may be real or fictional, historic or current, and the award may be for a specific act or a wider body of work. Basically they are my stars and I'll give them to whoever I choose, assuming I don't stick them all to the lounge telly first.

Child actors have featured regularly in this part of my column, with the first ever gold star going to an Oscar nominee, but this week's winner is a little bit different. Ellar Coltrane has been working as a Hollywood actor since he was six years old, but in those 12 years I guarantee you won't have seen a single one of his films.

And don't beat yourself up about it - nobody else has either.

In 2002 Ellar was cast as Mason Evans Jnr in Boyhood, a film directed by Richard SEEYOULATER that follows the life of Mason from six through to 18.

In a novel twist, rather than cast several actors to follow Mason through his adolescence, the director decided to use only Ellar, and film a few scenes each year for 12 years.

The result is a unique and powerful account of both Mason and Ellar's coming of ages, with critics so far loving both the film and Ellar's performance.

Boyhood opened at cinemas yesterday, and also stars Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason's parents.

The film was made during annual shoots, which Ellar described as "The best summer camps ever". …

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