Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

The Questions to Ask

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

The Questions to Ask

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CHOOSING a potential cloud provider can be a formidable task with understanding jargon and technical acronyms just the start of what can become a long and intimidating process.

Atlas Cloud says there are seven essentials questions to ask potential cloud providers: How much control do you have over the infrastructure of the cloud? It's surprising how many providers are actually selling third party services such as Amazon Web Services. However, there are a number of potential problems to consider in these cases; the first issue is the location of your data storage.

AWS for example has no data centres on mainland Great Britain, which can be problematic for businesses who need their data in this country. Additionally, there is the threat of relationship and SLA breakdowns at each stage of the chain which could lead to service disruptions and moreover leave you without access or control over your data.

Where is my data held? You want to be certain that you know and can be sure about the location of your data and the conditions in which it's being held.

Atlas Cloud for example utilise data centres owned and operated by their partner Onyx Group which provides state of the art ISO27001 data halls that are able to suppress any potential damage caused by fires.

This is then guarded by external, around the clock security including internal and external CCTV and continual security monitoring systems.

These data centres are all in the UK, ensuring that your compliance issues are addressed.

What is your disaster recovery process? Companies should be looking for replication, automation failover and multiple data centres in geographically dispersed locations to safeguard against the threat of natural or man-made disasters.

A provider should be able to simply outline their disaster recovery process so you know what will happen should anything go wrong and the level of damage that can be expected. Atlas Cloud for instance operate out of 3 UK data centres.

What security accreditation do you hold? Information is a valuable asset and one that it is imperative to protect.

Consequently, you want to be hearing that your provider is ISO 27001 accredited. …

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