Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Expert View from the Clouds; CLOUD COMPUTING & TECHNOLOGY

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Expert View from the Clouds; CLOUD COMPUTING & TECHNOLOGY

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CLOUD COMPUTING is one of the major technology disrupters of our time and the next stage in the internet's progress. Everyone seems to be talking about it in some form or another, but what exactly is the cloud and what does it do? Dramatic changes in the way we use computing has revolutionised the way we process and share increasing amounts of information. The new ways we are using information technology has resulted in new demands on our computing set-ups. The Cloud is the answer to these needs.

In simple terms, Cloud computing is the idea of using a network of remote secure servers held in secure data centres, to process and manage data, rather than locally hosted infrastructure. The servers are accessed via the internet, therefore moving your IT demands from a local environment to an external source.

Many are now switching to Cloud IT as an answer to a number of the technology headaches they face; the traditional set ups we have come to know are costly and require constant maintenance to ensure they work consistently. In a cloud-based set up, the management of that system is handed over to the service provider. This boosts security, productivity and reduces valuable time and money wasted on unnecessary IT. Most importantly, it is giving businesses the freedom to concentrate on their own product or service to maximise their success.

For a small and medium sized enterprises (SME), there is often a lack of time, money and expertise in IT, however, by leveraging cloud technologies, they can access everything over the internet and expand/shrink the services they require as and when needs fit. By removing much of the initial costs and difficulties, the cloud allows SMEs to compete with larger rivals, and in some cases outdo them.

Peter Watson, CEO of Atlas Cloud, specialists in providing cloud solutions to businesses, said: "Over the past two years, we have really started to see businesses actively wanting to move to the cloud.

"The initial difficulty with any disruptive technology is educating potential users about the clear, measureable benefits such as cost savings, increased security and improved productivity. …

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