Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Lord's Fall from Grace

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Lord's Fall from Grace

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Byline: Ian Robson Reporter

IT was the scandal that led, indirectly, to the Tories losing a Parlia T -mentary seat they had thought was theirs by right.

Antony Lambton was the MP for Berwick and an under-secretary of state for defence when he was brought down in a sex scandal.

He resigned after his indiscretions with prostitute Norma Levy were exposed in 1973 but he - and his party - paid the price when the Liberals took his seat in a by-election forced by his resignation. ey've kept hold of it ever since, but there is a real chance the Tories T could claim it back at next year's General Election.

e constituency will be one of the battle grounds of the election, with a possibility of change for the rst time since 1973.

Long-standing Lib Dem MP Alan Beith - who took over from Lambton - is retiring, leaving the Tories T with a chance to make their mark in the constituency once again.

Antony Lambton - briey the 6th Earl of Durham, but popularly known as Lord Lambton - had spent 22 years as MP for Berwick before his spectacular downfall.

His habit of spending the nights with call girl Norma were exposed by the defunct News of the World after her husband touted pictures of the politician in her bed.

Lord Lambton, who retired to a villa in Italy, did not play a part in British politics again but could never forget his fall from grace.

In an interview with TV presenter Robin Day, Lord Lambton said he saw prostitutes because he wanted variety in his sex life.

But in an interview with MI5 o"cer Charles Elwell, Lambton claimed rst a lack of interest in his work and then a legal ght over a title used by his father made him seek out the prostitutes.

"He rather implied that the futility of the job was one of the reasons he had got up to mischief ('idle hands' etc.)," Elwell noted.

en Lambton claimed it was the legal row over a title which had made him lose judgement. …

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