Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Celebs Implant Advice

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Celebs Implant Advice

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LIKE all cosmetic surgery, breast implants are a personal choice that often divide women sharply down the middle.

If you're of the school that is in favour of this surgery, there are lessons to learn from women in the spotlight.

Whether or not our favourite celebrities have gone under the knife, the breast trends of Tinseltown are what influence the cosmetic surgery decisions made by females all over the world.

The Cosmetic Institute senior surgeon Dr Huy Tang shares his views on the good, the bad and the ugly side of celebrity breast augmentation.

Gone too far

According to Dr Tang, serial implant enthusiast Heidi Montag has simply gone too far. Starting out as a modest B cup, Heidi has made her way to a generous G.

"When women request such a drastic change, I'm always careful to make sure that they understand how this will affect their lifestyle," he said.

"Whether natural or augmented, large breasts like this can increase the risk of complications and lead to back and shoulder problems as well."

Athletic assets

According to Dr Tang, whose patients have included personal trainers, body builders, professional swimmers and even mixed martial arts fighters, breast augmentation is a popular procedure for women with an athletic physique.

"These athletic women generally have a lower body fat percentage, meaning they tend to lose a fair amount of their breast volume," he said.

He pointed out Cameron Diaz as a good example of a celebrity who appears to have selected the perfect-sized implant to complement her athletic frame, going from what looks like a small Bcup to a C cup.

"It's very important that patients who are active consider their lifestyle before choosing their implant size, so that they don't become a hindrance to physical activity," he said.

When it goes wrong

One of the most infamous displays of curious cleavage has to be on Tori Spelling. Dr Tang said this is an example of a condition called "pectus-excavatum", which is a sunken breast bone. …

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