Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Reviewing Your Business' Trademarks - Make It a Habit

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Reviewing Your Business' Trademarks - Make It a Habit

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REGISTRATION of trademarks can play an invaluable part in protecting a brand. We can all think of global brands with famous trademarks such as | Nike's "Just Do it" slogan or | Apple's iconic logo, the values of which run into the tens of millions of pounds.

The registration of trademarks should not be confined to large multinational corporates but should instead be considered by all businesses, regardless of their size and at all stages in their lifecycle.

After all, you've invested time, sweat and money in establishing your business. Your brand should be viewed as a core business asset; it differentiates your products and services from those of competitors; it makes you stand out in the crowd; it is worthy of protecting.

Anything that differentiates your business' products from those of competitors may be capable of registration as a trademark. When appropriately protected, trademarks can be used to give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as trademarks can carry with them goodwill, reputation and quality assurance.

It could affect whether a consumer chooses your product or service over that of a rival.

Carry out a review of your business and the products or services you provide, assessing what marks you use that may be worth protecting.

This should not be an isolated one-off review but should ideally be habitual within your business, with the continual review of your marks as your business moves into new areas or develops new products or services. You can make the consideration of trademark protection part of the thought process in the rolling out of any new product or service, or implement a policy of annually reviewing your business' trademarks. Even better - why not do both? In registering a trademark, you protect the use of that mark in set classes of goods and/or services. it is vital that you protect your mark in all the relevant classes in your initial application, but equally important that you keep this under review as your business develops, changes and grows.

As you move into new areas and markets, you will need to ensure that your trademark continues to be adequately protected. …

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