Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Just Keep Your Pants on for a Happy Ending

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Just Keep Your Pants on for a Happy Ending

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My girlfriend is incredibly clingy. It's what I really can't stand about her. I feel suffocated and have been wanting to end the relationship for months. The trouble is, I can't seem to break-up with her. She is always around - constantly at my side and I can't get my thoughts together, or get the space to just end it. Every time I go to tell her it's over it's like she senses it and we end up having sex. The sex is fantastic and then I never end up breaking up with her. Please help - how do I tell her it's truly over? I need to get away from her!

If you really do need to get away from your girlfriend, you certainly aren't acting like it.

There are some issues here that just aren't being dealt with in the right way.

Obviously you aren't trying to break up with her because you feel you're sexually incompatible or having a sexual problem if you describe the sex as fantastic.

However, even though this is what you enjoy about being with your girlfriend, you've got to stop. Really, stop.

I'm going to be even clearer - do not have sex with her even one more time.

The more you have sex with her, the more unfair you are being to her. So stop it.

The signals she's getting from you are full steam ahead, green light in the relationship and a sense of intimacy by being close with you (even though you feel suffocated) and this is in large part by having sex, and continuing to have sex.

If you allow her to go on interpreting the relationship with you in this way, she simply won't understand why you are ending it.

No one would because you are thinking one thing and behaving to its complete opposite.

You've got to be truthful.

Even though you're still a couple because you're not broken up (yet), what you're doing right now is wrong because you are thinking thoughts of separation while acting like her attached, committed boyfriend. …

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