Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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WIGTON November 4 Hopes Auction Co, Wigton held its weekly sale of Primestock when there was an entry of 88 Cattle, 36 Bulls, and 1089 Prime Sheep including 91 Ewes.

Cattle sold to the dearest trade for some time with frenzied bidding producing fantastic returns far in excess of other marketing options. More could have been very well sold.

The top price of 266.5p per kg was paid for a Limousin Heifer shown by Messrs Lawson & Sons, Kirkland Green, Mealsgate. The top price per head for heifers was PS1722.07 for a Limousin which was shown by J Dixon & Son, Lesson Hall, Wigton and was purchased by RJ Harrison, Butcher, Wigton.

Steers sold to a top price of 238.5p paid to GW Whitfield & Sons, Low Stowbank, Ennerdale for a Limousin. Top price of PS1585.58 was paid for a Limousin Steer shown by Messrs Lawson & Sons, Kirkland Green, Mealsgate.

Another great trade for Bulls with all classes, ages and weights well bid for.

Bulls sold to 230.5p paid to Messrs S Bowe, Midtown, Wiggonby for a Limousin. The top price per head was PS1524.39 paid for a Bull shown by J P Lister, Oughterside Mill, Aspatria.

Over Thirty Months cattle sold to 247.5 p per kg paid for a Limousin Heifer shown by DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton.

Averages: STEERS LW 238.50 (238.50) MW 232.50 (193.44) HW 229.50 (210.33) HEIFERS LW 246.50 (241.54) MW 239.50 (231.44) HW 266.50 (226.45) BULLS LW 161.50 (152.14) MW 226.50 (189.64) HW 230.50 (208.89) HEIFERS Per Kilo Limousin 266.5 260.5 247.5 243.5 Kirkland Green 263.5 247.5 239.5 The Old Vicarage 255.5 Lesson Hall(Dixon) 254.5 223.5 Scales Hall 246.5 239.5 Greenhill 243.5 Mechi 239.5 The Wreay 238.5 Wood Hall 229.5 Mechi 228.5 Campfield 228.5 226.5 225.5 Hallburn 227.5 Nealhouse Blonde 239.5 The Old Vicarage Charolais 237.5 Hallburn British Blue 225.5 The Old Vicarage Per Head Limousin PS1722 Lesson Hall(Dixon) PS1717 PS1690 PS1584 PS1478 PS1460 Kirkland Green PS1616 PS1281 Scales Hall PS1565 PS1512 PS1300 PS1298 PS1296 The Old Vicarage PS1538 PS1216 Nealhouse PS1507 Mid Farm(Scott) PS1476 PS1260 Mechi PS1405 PS1309 Campfield PS1332 PS1263 PS1205 Hallburn PS1257 The Wreay PS1215 Greenhill Charolais PS1439 Hallburn Blonde PS1394 The Old Vicarage British Blue PS1376 The Old Vicarage PS1324 PS1201 Langrigg House STEERS Per Kilo Limousin 238.5 Low Stowbank 232.5 229.5 Bothel Parks 217.5 215.5 Mid Farm (Scott) 217.5 211.5 Kirkland Green 215.5 Kirkland Guards Charolais 225.5 Low Stowbank British Blue 210.5 High House (Ashburner) Marchigiana 204.5 178.5 Bank House Friesian 165.5 162.5 160.5 155.5 Oulton House Per Head Limousin PS1585 PS1563 Kirkland Green PS1584 PS1423 Bothel Parks PS1474 PS1403 Kirkland Guards PS1448 High House(Ashburner) PS1405 PS1327 Mid Farm(Scott) Charolais PS1267 Low Stowbank British Blue PS1366 High House(Ashburner) Marchigiana PS1262 PS1214 Bank House Friesian PS1033 PS1008 PS979 PS935 Oulton House BULLS Per Kilo Limousin 230.5 Midtown(Bowe) 224.5 218.5 Greenhill 217.5 High House (Ashburner) 217.5 Low House(Dickinson) 217.5 204.5 The Old Vicarage 216.5 Lake View 213.5 208.5 203.5 Oughterside Mill British Blue 226.5 Wintershields 212.5 The Old Vicarage 208.5 204.5 Ellen Bank 195.5 Oughterside Mill Angus 224.5 Mechi Blonde 210.5 The Old Vicarage Holstein 166.5 158. …

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