Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Porsche Macan S

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Porsche Macan S

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Byline: Ian Donaldson

WHAT sort of cars does Porsche build? If you answer "sports cars, of course" you'll be more wrong than right.

Yes, the Porsche 911 - now half a century old as a model number - is still attracting wealthy buyers all over the world. Likewise, shallower pockets are still being emptied to put a Boxster in the garage.

But for some years the biggest seller in the Porsche range has been the huge and heavy, four-wheel drive Cayenne. And that's definitely not a sports car.

Now comes another Porsche that is a long way from the 911 in looks and outlook but that's not stopped it becoming a sales sensation.

The Macan looks a lot like a slightly smaller Cayenne, a little less than seven inches shorter (165mm to be precise) and a tiny bit narrower and lighter, although easily capable of topping two tonnes with a load of people and luggage on board.

Hasn't stopped the Macan (its name derived from the Indonesian for tiger) becoming an almost embarrassing (for Porsche) sales success. Order yours now and it will be very deep into 2015 before you'll take delivery.

Big and heavy it may be, but it takes only a couple of sweeping corners to see why the production line in Leipzig, Germany can look forward to many years of working flat out making Macans.

For here is a car that stretches the laws of motion to their limits. Nothing this bulky should feel as nimble and athletic; sitting high and mighty at the wheel can easily put you into arcade games mode, where reality is suspended and anything is possible.

Pushed to crazy limits the Macan will behave like any other lump of metal as dark forces take over and you head for the hedge. But at anything like a sane speed on public road, this is a car that simply astonishes with its breadth of abilities.

A Range Rover Sport might feel a mite more plush inside and get you along very nicely, thank you, but the Macan is in another dimension if you drive keenly and enjoy the way a car responds to your inputs at the wheel and throttle.

It comes in four flavours of performance, starting, improbably, with a 2. …

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