Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Servicing Ensures Car Safety

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Servicing Ensures Car Safety

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EGAN'S Tyre and Mechanical team recommend that customers should remember to always maintain their car.

Patrick said if you regularly check, service and look after your car, you will:

cut down fuel costs;

improve safety for you, your family and the public;

keep your long-term repair and service costs down;

help cut down your car's pollution levels;

improve resale value;

and most of all put more money back in your pocket.

Looking after your tyres

Front and rear tyres do different jobs so they usually wear at different rates.

Some tyres transmit drive, others steer and in some cases they do both.

Their share of cornering and braking loads varies also.

So regular tyre rotation is needed to help even out any irregular wear patterns and ensure maximum tyre life. So what's the correct way to rotate radial tyres?

In the past it was fairly straightforward. There were two possible options -- front to back or diagonally side to side.

However the widespread adoption of temporary use spare wheels, uni-directional and asymmetrical tyres, and in some cases different size tyres front to rear complicates the matter greatly.

In fact it's now common to find vehicles that come with a number of possible wheel-tyre combinations, all of which necessitate different rotation patterns.

So the one vehicle could potentially have a number of different tyre rotation patterns shown in its handbook.

Egan's Tyre and Mechanical always suggest following the vehicle manufacturer's rotation recommendations as outlined in the vehicle's handbook, or alternatively taking advice from an experienced tyre dealer.

However where this is not available or not an option, the following information may be of assistance.

How frequently should tyres be rotated? …

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