Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

'It's Beginning to Feel a Lot like Heat Stroke'

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

'It's Beginning to Feel a Lot like Heat Stroke'

Article excerpt

DURING my next regular chat with Pope Francis, I'm going to suggest a change of date for Christmas in Australia.

Who can think of a traditional Christmas lunch of baked ham, roast turkey and roasted vegetables in this summer heat?

Christmas TV is full of images of cheery people singing carols as they trudge through snow behind sleds and warm themselves by a roaring fire.

All good for the northern hemisphere but it's hardly conducive to an Aussie Christmas.

For Europeans, Christmas is all snow, squirrels and overcoats, for us Aussies its heat, flies and dehydration.

And, if the global warmists are right, it's only going to get worse so maybe it's time we looked at shifting the Aussie Christmas to a more hospitable time of year.

This heat at the moment does little to promote the festive spirit and goodwill to our fellow man and woman.

Walking through the concrete jungle that is CBD Toowoomba amid temperatures in the mid-30s and the pre-storm humidity only serves to make people cranky.

Waddling to the shops at lunch-time on Thursday I thought I was back in Bangkok, the heat and humidity were giving my sweat glands a workout.

Then, you eventually walk into a store to be confronted by a smiling shopkeeper (who has been under air-conditioning all morning) who cheerily remarks "Bit warm, eh?"

It's hardly the Christmas spirit when at moments like that one has to subdue the urge to smack the bloke in the face.

No, Your Holiness, for the sake of the true spirit of Christmas it may well be time for a change of date Down Under.

After all, there's no real evidence that Jesus was born on December 25 and more than a few rumours over the centuries have suggested he wasn't.

And, for Christians, it doesn't really matter when Jesus was born, what's important is that he was born and the reason for which he was born. …

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