Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

SMS the Editor on 0428 634 025 with the Word ROCK and a Space in Front of Your Message

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

SMS the Editor on 0428 634 025 with the Word ROCK and a Space in Front of Your Message

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LEN LESTER. RM, that is so sweet. All my best wishes to you for Christmas and May 2015 bring every thing you wish for. May the Aussies beat India 4-0, the Wallabies win the World Cup and the Broncos the grand final.

WASP. Shane O'Brien, there is a simple solution to your problem, stop using that rubbish social media site. There must be other site to use, they may get the hint then. Let the appropriate authorities monitor the postings. Besides, i think we all know what nationality works at such a place!

LB. Drive to conditions of road, weather, whatever. Don't speed and you won't be fined. Good on the g'ment -- get those stupid drivers, and give us a chance to survive that drive.

CJ, ROCKY CITY. To the person who was driving under 90kmh on the Emu Park-Rockhampton Rd until I decided it was safe to overtake; I don't know why you decided to accelerate at that moment, but it is a dangerous thing to do. I hope you don't do it again as it could end quite badly for other drivers and even yourself.

ROBBO, GRACEMERE. Dark coloured ute, slow down mate before you injure yourself or someone else. The three times I have come across you near Gracemere you have been driving like a bat out of hell. Wake up!

ANON. Re oldfellah52 what happened to the "drive to the road conditions" rule?

DI, KAWANA. A big thankyou to the kind people who helped me yesterday at Northside Plaza. Firstly to the ladies who took the time to help and the guys who stopped and changed the flat tyre so I could drive to a tyre company. It makes me happy to know there are good people around.

SG. Yes Adam Wratten, it's about time more of us crossed the lines of political correctness.

PC is censorship, made up of lies, half truths and an agenda that aims at destroying the moral, cultural and spiritual core of Western society. Christmas has been hijacked by PC, and Christ has been banned. Enjoy those true Christmas carols everyone while you still can.

F.U, STANWELL. Re Sat paper dumping of rubbish. Well, Cr Fisher, come to Stanwell and I will show you where council workers dumped rubbish excess concrete rocks posts on our footpath and buried it there and refused to move it besides diverted water onto private property and runs down through 4 other properties besides has Albert St running into private property instead of running past, so Cr Fisher fix council problems before criticising others about dumping rubbish, feel free to come out to Stanwell and I will show you. …

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