Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Battling for Equal Rights

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Battling for Equal Rights

Article excerpt

Byline: Debrah Novak

AS LUCK would have it I was given a book for Christmas that espoused the virtues of women around the world who were trailblazers in their fields of passion.

This was on that back of last week when South Australia commemorated giving women the vote 120 years ago.

When you think about it, why did it take so long and why did they have to fight to achieve this human right?

Actually the first woman in the world to pen a bill of rights for women, based on the same one written for men, was put to the guillotine in France.

The public slander of women who want to achieve outside of the kitchen and the bedroom isn't a recent preoccupation of our politicians and media personalities.

Dating back 2000 years, Mary Magdalene was announced a whore, and the world's first female mathematician, scientist and philosopher Hypatia was stoned and dragged to death.

Female Italian artists had to hide their gender so they could paint, and the first American female surgeons also had to hide their gender because it was deemed unseemly for a woman to be a doctor. …

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