Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

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Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

SMS the Editor on 0428 634 025 with the Word ROCK and a Space in Front of Your Message

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JB, FRENCHVILLE.Repeal of the carbon tax resulted in tariff11,kWh rate being reduced by 5.1% or 1.487c,but the Daily Supply Charge increased 66% or 36.514c per day or by $33.59 for a 92 day bill. The combined effect of the two components give an increase of 5.2% to median usage. It's unfair for MPs to advise, that the massive rise in Daily Supply Charge is to compensate Ergon & Energex for loss of revenue due to increasing number of solar F I systems.

JB, ROCK. All The Commentary Team On CH 9 Test Cricket Would Have 2 Be Brain Dead. Standing In The Milddle Of The Arena Talking Crap In 40 Degree Heat Wearing Suits

IC, ROCK. The Best Way 2 Watch Cricket On TV Is Turn The Volume Down 2 Zero And Turn On The Commentary On ABC Radio. That Way U Dont Have 2 Put Up With All The CRAP CH 9 Commentators Carry On With.

WASP. If the Newman government wants to get back into favour with the voters of Queensland, I think a good start would be allowing people with solar power to use batteries to store unused electricity instead of giving it to the mongrel electricity companies. Who have the nerve to sell it at a huge profit. Perhaps all of the manufacturers, installers, users of solar panels could get a petition started.

VAL, RKY. The surf live savers do a fantastic job and because they do they make tourist feel safe, therefore, it brings in the $. Its sad to think that they need help and the Govt wont help, yet we have so many bludging pollies that do nothing. Its about time the pollie lurks and perks were cut back. They are on good money, so let them pay like the rest of us. The money saved should go to things that are important, like the life saving, rescue and other emergency services.

GAIL J, YEPPOON. A big thank you to the wonderful woman at our local servo for her random act if kindness before Christmas a 50$ petrol voucher thank u so very much makes u realize there are some wonderful people out there

GUILTY CONSCIENCE. To Lyn Laskus, would like to know the name of your ethical meat supplier.

EDDIE. Thank you Bulletin for the opportunity to voice our opinions via text. A lot of people who would not normally comment do so and no matter if we agree with their view or not it is good to see them concerned enough to voice it. …

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