Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

War Declared on Smokers

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

War Declared on Smokers

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A NEW LAW which could see smoking banned on balconies of private units and holiday apartments could be the next step under a proposed change to body corporate laws. Is this going too far?

Soon they'll regulate what amount of food you can have in your cupboard or how much electricity you are allowed to use or what colour lounges you can have. Seriously, where will nanny state dictatorship end in this state? Chris Ryan

I think it is getting beyond a joke. I am not a smoker but that is what some people like to do and I do not why they can't smoke on private balconies they are not harming the unit by smoking outside. You are going too far.

Bev Frances Davies

Nothing but a bunch of tree huggers. This stupidity will result in mass evictions and see many people homeless. Laws like this don't stop smoking it just causes neighbourhood domestics resulting in stabbing bashings and sometimes death.

Raymond Mason Cole

Just a look at the smoking laws - on a recent trip to Melbourne I couldn't get over how many people were smoking - it was everywhere through the CBD, my daughter was constantly dodging lit ciggies (as the hand holding them dropped) and it occurred to me - in Brisbane you're not allowed to smoke in some CBD/mall areas and in the places you CAN smoke there's no smoking within 4m of entrances.

I can say that QLD is a breath of fresh air compared! In regard to balconies - were talking body corporate here.

I know places that had restrictions on what colour outdoor table they could have on their balcony - I would expect a no-smoking rule anyway.

Nikki Mensforth

I couldn't get over the amount of smokers in Victoria. I said to my husband that they would be in for a shock if they holidayed in Queensland.

Charlene Walsh

I don't smoke but that is ridiculous! Pamela Close

There is no question that smoking is extremely bad for our health. I'm not sure why people are in favour of allowing it at all, anywhere.

Wendy Anderson

I think you will find that landlords can already stipulate no smoking inside.

Charlene Walsh

How ridiculous now they are going too far.

Next can't smoke on your own balcony of your own home, that you own, not rent. …

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