Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Community Debates LNP Plan to Cut Crime

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Community Debates LNP Plan to Cut Crime

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"You will see house break-ins go down, you will see car thefts go down, you will see robberies go down and you could well see a reduction in assaults. I am so confident about it, that I will make those predictions." Campbell Newman on his plan to tackle crime in Ipswich after the election.

TACKLE the cause not the symptom, educate the child and the adult will do the right thing. But there is no immediate results in prevention is there, so the politician doesn't look good for 20 years and that's not what they want.


INCREASED surveillance might catch the odd offender, here and there, but does nothing to address the root causes of why crimes are committed. If they had a plan to stop desperate, confused and drug/ alcohol addicted people from doing stupid things - that would be something to vote for. But they don't. All they have is a plan to protect business interests.


IT IS a proven fact that the root problems with the majority of crime are unemployment, drugs and alcohol. Address those issues and there will be a drop in crime. ANYA RICHTER

SO IF the whole city is already CCTV monitored, why isn't this happening already? More lies and spending we apparently don't have. .. wait what is Newman going to sell to fund this one? Maybe he could sell that new building in the Ipswich CBD he built but isn't sending the employees to work in?


WHY is he waiting till after the election and why has he not done it in the last three years! The answer is he is not going to do it, more empty lies.


SICK of the police in Ipswich, there is nothing for them to do now, they pull everyone over for identity checks, I can drive from West Ipswich to East Ipswich and get pulled over twice in less than 5km just to have my identity checked. First I am not doing anything illegal and second, there is nothing wrong with my car or the way I am driving so there is no legal valid reason for them to pull me over. They have so little to do they have to justify their existence. The excess of police in Ipswich makes Ipswich one of the worst places to live in just because of the police harassment. …

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