Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

A Strange Reaction to the Stranger on the Train

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

A Strange Reaction to the Stranger on the Train

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Byline: curious georgie

I'M aware I've only been here for three and a half years, so don't have much basis for comparison. Nevertheless, I still feel confident in asserting that these are funny times we're living in.

And I'm not talking giggle fits. One particular event from the past week reinforced this observation.

It was the 'news' story about the man who had left a surprise note and accompanying fiver for a young mum he had been sharing a carriage with on a long train journey.

Apparently he had been so impressed by the way she had looked after her young son throughout, he decided to leave an anonymous parting gift when the time came for him to alight.

The note he left said: 'Have a drink on me. You are a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners... Have a lovely evening. PS I have a daughter your age. Someone did the same for her once! Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you!' How did I know what the note said, you may wonder.

Well in these days of social media, what would have once been a lovely gesture to give the recipient a warm and fuzzy feeling, now has the potential to become a national - and running - news story.

When the young mum in question tracking down her -Sammie Welch - posted a picture of the note on Facebook in the hope of tracking down her 'mystery benefactor', it went what they call 'viral' and soon ended up all over the pages of national newspapers while being talked about on loads of TV and radio shows.

In the days that followed, the man in question, (who turned out to be 50-year-old Ken Saunders) found himself the subject of a national manhunt.

50-year-old. Ken The country wasn't going to rest until they found him and put him in front of the cameras.

During the days in between the heart-warming train-carriage note drop which had sparked the FIND HIM campaign and the predictable climax thereof (they found him and he went on the telly with Sammie and her three-year-old son, Ryan - who now has PS5 in his bank account, 'Hello Ryan! …

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