Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Abstract Impressions

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Abstract Impressions

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Byline: JUDE McBEAN @Grafton Regional Gallery

DAN McDonnell, Giovanna Field and Kathryn Dolby graduated from Southern Cross University (SCU) last year. Abstract Wonder presents their recent work which grew out of working with curator Wes Hill, who is the coordinator of the SCU Curatorial Lab.

Abstract Wonder showcases the recent work of Dan McDonnell, Giovanna Field and Kathryn Dolby, who all explore abstract painting. Each artist has approached abstraction to find the subtleties of gesture, line, colour and space. The viewer is immediately engaged in the formal elements of colour, form and surface rather than the stories associated with figurative work.

Kathryn Dolby has presented series of large gesture-based works. Some of the gestures move over found relief and free standing objects. The artist has used a restricted palette to evoke and capture a moment or experience. Titles such as Window Washing, Behind REM, Bend, Structured Light, Inside Outside and The Moment Before give us entry points to these beautiful abstracts.

Dan McDonnell's active works are busy. Ball and Biscuit looks like the patterns created in the air or on surfaces by the activities of items such as balls and biscuits. The artist's three works engage you in their stories by giving you colours and forms that relate to your experiences with balls, biscuits, the colour lilac, wine and Shakespeare's Romeo.

There is no narrative link between Giovanna Fields' painterly works and their respective titles as they are all called Untitled. You are confronted with only your senses to work out what is the artist saying and what do they want to express, and what devices have they used to communicate with the viewer. Giovanna's paint is thick and opaque, blanketing the layers, beneath which are revealed at the edges or through incisions in the surface. …

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