Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Top Films of the Week

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Top Films of the Week

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CUBAN FURY (Tonight, Channel 4, 9pm) A BOY'S dream of being a champion salsa dancer is shattered by bullies. Twenty years later, Bruce Garrett returns to the dance oor as an overweight and under-con"dent adult in a bid to sweep his boss o her feet.

As Nick Frost is one of the most likeable actors of his generation, and both Rashida Jones and Kayvan Novak are always terri"c, you may want this to take o like Jennifer Grey being held aloft by Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. Alas, it fails to get airborne.

However, it's great to see Frost bring his dream project to the big screen.

Nick Frost |in Cuban Fury Twelve Monkeys (Tomorrow, Channel 5, 11.20pm) IN a future ravaged by disease, prisoner James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent back to 20th-century Philadelphia to stop the plague which will eventually wipe out much of the world. Willis is terri"c as the troubled time traveller while Brad Pitt gives an Oscar-nominated performance as the animal activist he gets mixed up with.

|Future shock: Twelve Monkeys Crimson Tide (Monday, Channel 5, 11pm) A RUSSIAN nuclear missile base falls into ultra-nationalist hands, and a US strategic submarine is ordered to prepare for a pre-emptive strike. With the world poised on the brink of war, the vessel's veteran captain clashes with his new by-the-book "rst mate over what course of action to take in Tony Scott's claustrophobic thriller.

HEAVEN K | NOWS, MR ALLISON Tuesday, More4, 11.20am(More4, 11.20am T ) ROBERT MITCHUM is on "ne form as a shipwrecked US Marine Corporal washed up on Paci"c Island, which has been deserted by the locals, leaving only one | Denzel Washington's |in over his head in thriller Crimson Tide other inhabitant - a nun (Deborah Kerr).

Despite their dierences, the pair establish a mutual respect, which becomes vital when Japanese soldiers arrive. …

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