Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Teaching Kids about Bullies

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Teaching Kids about Bullies

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Would you ever tell your child to 'just get over' being bullied?

Jen Odp: No,only lazy parents would say that to a child- my opinion.

Kirsten Kirky Ryan: No. Your child(ren) need to know you are there for them and support them 110%. Help them work through the issues, and put steps (stop, I don't like it, and so forth) in place that they can take, and if all of that fails, then as a parent it's my job to step in and either talk to the teacher/principal/child's parents. I do believe in helping them solve it on their own merit, but not telling them "just get over it", how callous.

Matthew John Bethel Yeah a bully will listen to stop. Hahaha your dreaming

Kirsten Kirky Ryan How lovely of you to laugh at methods that have previously worked in our household. Sometimes, a bully doesn't realise that they're actually having an effect on the victim, sometimes the "bully" feels they are joking around, if you say "stop, I don't like what you're doing", it brings it to the forefront and makes the bully stop (not always, not with bullies that are intentionally trying to hurt someone), and makes them see that it's not a joke to the victim. My daughter had an issue with another child, where this exact method worked.

Caralee Mirfin no way! my girl wants to start an anti bully club, she's so cute

Matthew John Bethel That's why my 2 boys have been doing martial arts since 6 years old.

I don't raise my children to dob and tell on the bullies. It's solves nothing. When my eldest gave the school bully a black eye is when the bully was taught a lesson and hasn't bothered any more children

Eddy Hindmarsh In today's world bullying happens all your life strong and thick skinned ...offer to help those who persist in assertive domanering my day bully's didn't last long ....and today those bully's realize .....oh my lord what has our world come to.

Yvette Taffe No but plenty do.

Corrinne Clout Never

Ros N Mike Keim Its 62 years since I commenced School and right through to grade 10, I was never and did not witness bullying as it is said to happen now. …

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