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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Short Reports

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Byline: Brandy Hilboldt Allport


By Angela Farris Watkins

Using personal anecdotes and well-known moments from his life, Watkins teaches principles that her uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., practiced. Watkins, a professor of psychology at Spelman College in Atlanta, trains people in Kingian Nonviolence, and six ideas embodied by King form the foundation of her beliefs. The simply stated guidelines are, of course, easier espoused than put into action. But Watkins had the perfect role model in the man she called "Uncle M.L." The principles are: 1. Have courage. 2. Love your enemies. 3. Fight the problem, not the person who caused it. 4. When innocent people are hurt, others are inspired to help. 5. Resist violence of any kind. 6. Remember that the universe honors love. Watkins' other books for children include "My Uncle Martin's Words for America" and "My Uncle Martin's Big Heart." This picture book, aimed at readers ages 6 to 11, is available from Simon and Schuster for $17.99.


By Michael Morse

Follow the true story of how adopting a neglected dog changed the life of a couple who were depressed by adjusting to retirement, coping with chronic illness and recovering from a miscalculated move to a new house. Have we read this type of canine-hero-rescues-humans before? Yes. Is this 222-page memoir worth the time? Yes. Besides the personal improvements (lighter hearts, a renewed appreciation for meandering walks around the block, that gratifying sense of purpose, which comes with caring for a pet), Mr. Wilson introduces the Morses, and thus the readers, to the nationwide network of rescue groups and the dedicated volunteers who operate them. Whether it's updating an Internet posting, driving foster pets across the country to a new home, the activities, generosity and empathy of the organizations' members is even more impressive than the mission Mr. Wilson accomplished. The book costs $22. …

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