Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Suburban Visions

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Suburban Visions

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Byline: JUDE McBEAN @Grafton Regional Gallery

A SERIES of beautifully painted and drawn images of the domestic landscape by Dorrigo-based artist Chris Hundt is on display at the Grafton Regional Gallery. Very aptly these works are in Prentice House as they reflect the old town of Dorrigo. The artist's fascination with washing lines, backyards, wind and light is mixed with her sense of amusement. Her words aptly summarise her exhibition On the Line.

"I began painting washing lines about 30 years ago because I found them an amusing subject: the oh so suburban banality of a Hills Hoist and all the television ads urging housewives to use the right soap powder in order to attain the brightest cleanest clothes, as if this were our primary aim in life.

"I recall a line I'd hung years ago after a week of clearing land around a newly-built mud brick house, deep in the jungles of Bellingen. I washed all the worn work clothes as well as the torn and stained blankets used by the dog. Strung out on a clothes-propped line between two trees it looked like the soggy gear of a refugee's camp, just landed. It sort of matched my rather down state of mind at the time.

"However, the next morning once the sun rose above the ridge and made the still-damp clothes steam and light up like neon lights, the effect was magical. Rags to riches: bright silver light framed most garments as the jungle came alive too.

"It's this magical effect of light I often look for when I spot a line catching the sun. Perhaps it's something like prayer flags on which are written prayers for the breezes to carry across the land; garments illuminated by the light, little beacons of happiness all over suburbia and sometimes in jungle clearings.

"Beats the hell out of washing powder."

This poetic display is one of our six new exhibitions. …

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