Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Uni Fees Plan Will Force Students to Drop Out

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Uni Fees Plan Will Force Students to Drop Out

Article excerpt

I CANNOT understand why Tony Abbott continues to tolerate and offer support to his overzealous and inept Education Minister.

He allows him to continuously generate changes to education policy and these policies have failed to ignite the electorate and have continuously been rejected as unsuitable by the senate.

The minister's poorly conceived and poorly researched policies get constantly amended, recycled and resubmitted to parliament only to be rejected by the senate time and time again.

At present he is thinking of allowing universities to deregulate their fees so that they will have access to more money.

This type of approach will effectively cause a rapid and substantial escalation of fees to occur.

This process will have a serious impact on students both here and overseas.

At the moment the government does not have the resources to bail them out so many of them will drop out because they will no longer be able to afford the fees to attend university.

The loss of these students will lower university incomes dramatically. To offset these losses universities will be forced to increase fees again, which will cause more students to drop out of the system.

Unless they cap their fees the system will self-destruct and create further chaos in the university system.

Another question is why do our universities pay their academics such high salaries?

Many of their chancellors receive million dollar-plus salaries.

It seems to me to be a lot of waste. Perhaps they should become more efficient at saving money instead of increasing fees.

Many of our large elite companies require university graduates to fill vacancies in their labour forces.

Whatever happened to the concept of university education being available to all at low cost?

Is this new system now only going to benefit the wealthy? …

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