Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Levy on Bank Deposits Is Just Wrong, Mr Hockey

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Levy on Bank Deposits Is Just Wrong, Mr Hockey

Article excerpt

I LIKE lots of politicians, past and present.

Anna Bligh is my favourite and she was at her best when launching her book at the Empire Theatre 10 days ago.

She's very smart and an extremely effective communicator. It was a pleasure to have been in the audience and to say hi.

I really, really have tried to like Joe Hockey.

I've tried every trick including not looking at him when he is talking on the television. I've even tried looking at him but not listening to him.

I've tried all the standard cliches. "Oh come on, he's only doing his job" and "It's an impossible job, being Treasurer".

"Nobody would want a job like that".

I've even tried thinking "He's doing his best for his country" and "He's only saying what his advisors tell him to say".

Nothing has worked.

I like him less and less every day, despite starting off from a pretty low base when he first got the job. Truly, he gives me the creeps.

I could even forgive him for being wrong if he wasn't so glib about every solution he mouths.

I can believe there are a lot of his mates, especially Tony, pulling his strings but that does not excuse the smugness or the "I can't believe you don't agree with me" demeanour when anyone questions his wisdom or credentials.

Recent hardly veiled hints about tax reform, and the certainty that we shall all go to the dogs unless we make drastic changes, have done nothing to win my affection.

I'm biased, not least because I belong among the apparently relatively well-off self-funded retirees. I admit that.

Thanks to having had a good job, a reasonable (free) education and many good opportunities, I'm "managing okay".

In that sense my wife and I are privileged; I admit that too.

We are not pleading poor but nobody left us any money, we haven't won the Lotto and we haven't, knowingly at least, robbed anybody else. …

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