Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

TV Soaps; Eastenders - Bbc1

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

TV Soaps; Eastenders - Bbc1

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Linda's fall terror MICK doesn't make much headway with his latest attempt to get Shirley to kick Dean out, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

However, he is shocked by Linda's reaction, as she tells him he needs to move past what happened, as his bitterness is dragging her down as well.

The landlord storms out of the pub, and doesn't see his fiancee fall down the stairs when she tries to follow him. So, as Linda goes into labour, it's up to Kat and Sonia to get her to the hospital.

The delivery is touch and go, but the baby eventually arrives. Sadly, it looks unlikely to be much of a fresh start for the troubled family, as Dean turns up to insist he's the father.

Elsewhere, Dot feels like Nick is the one being painted as the guilty party in her trial, and takes to the witness box to put the record straight, only for her evidence to be twisted by the prosecution. As the jury deliver their verdicts, will she be heading back to jail? Ronnie is increasingly uneasy around Vincent, especially after he claims to know what happened to Carl White, and matchmaker Fatima finds a man for Shabnam.

NEIGHBOURS - FIVE AS PAUL celebrates being given the all-clear, Georgia accuses Nick of faking the cancer diagnosis - just as her mother arrives in Erinsborough for her appointment with the errant medic.

After Karl digs up some dirt on his past, Brennan eventually arrests Nick, and Paul tells him in no uncertain terms that he'll never practice medicine again.

Paul and Naomi agree that there's more to their relationship than they thought, while Tyler worries about Imogen when she cancels their date.

In fact, he's so distracted, he forgets to work on a stolen car for Joey Dimato.

Instead, Bailey finds the keys under the seat and takes it for a joyride. Paige eventually finds him and reports him to the police.

Later, Bailey admits he's struggling to cope with life, so Lou suggests he move to Queensland with him - but how will Lauren feel about the prospect of being parted from her troubled son? Nick, |left, is arrested after Karl digs up some dirt on him - while Paul tells him he'll never practice medicine again HOLLYOAKS - C4 MARIAM is a woman on a mission this week as she poses as a hospital worker so she can take a look at Dr S'Avage's records.

Unfortunately, the medic catches her in the act, and manages to distract her from what she's found with a bottle of whiskey.

Perhaps Mariam would have been better off just looking in the medic's briefcase, which turns out to contain a pair of familiar-looking gloves...

Dirk |marry Elsewhere, Cindy's debts are mounting, although that doesn't stop Dirk from wanting to marry her, as they head to the registry office. But is the feeling mutual? Porsche is angry to learn that Lockie is going to Paris with Diane, so he tries to make it up to her with a surprise indoor BBQ, which sets the McQueen house alight. …

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