Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Pre-Election Poll Got It All Wrong in Election

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Pre-Election Poll Got It All Wrong in Election

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THE drip-feed of what the Federal Budget contains has ended.

Joe Hockey, Scott Morrison and all the rest of them have had their days in the sun.

A former Treasurer has made known his view that Government debt will last for decades.

The Prime Minister has said that Mr Costello did a magnificent job and the challenge for his government was to do likewise.

Barnaby Joyce thinks Costello's serve is merely armchair criticism and he, Joyce, has become a brilliant football player since he, Joyce, started sitting in the grandstand.

At least for some of us, it has probably been more interesting across the other side of the world recently.

The Brits have managed to do it again.

The 60-something percent of them that bothered to vote in their General Election last Thursday have given the two-finger salute to all the pre-election polls.

The Conservatives have a clear majority at Westminster.

Hopefully, there is uncustomary humility among the nation's pre-election poll compilers as it became obvious they all got it wrong.

For those of us who enjoy seeing self-appointed experts comprehensively stuff up (a technical phrase of course), the UK election outcome was brilliantly British.

It was great to observe from a distance, stunningly bad for the Lefties and a kick up the kilt from the Scottish Nationals for those living south of the border.

This latest bun-fight was the 19th General Election since the Second World War.

There have been nine Conservative wins, eight Labour wins and a couple of hung parliaments.

These included 2010 when the Conservatives came to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Looking at the Lib Dem demolition last week it doesn't seem to have done them much good!

There are 650 seats in the House of Commons. David Cameron and his mates won 331 and therefore have an overall majority of 12. …

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