Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Forget Whingers and Just Develop

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Forget Whingers and Just Develop

Article excerpt

Byline: Lindsay Petty

WE PURCHASED a business here which we sold in 2012.

We have lived in Caloundra for the 10 years and enjoy what the Coast has to offer along with the weather, beaches, sport and lifestyle.

Being from NZ we are on temporary visas so have run a business, paid taxes and become involved with community groups sporting associations.

All this and we cannot vote, so have no say in council (although we pay rates), state or federal choices, but this is another story altogether.

Progress started the day the world was born. If we did not progress we would still be living in caves, going ugh!

I look at what is happening in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, development and growth and it seems the old fuddies of the Sunshine Coast want to stop the clock, if not go backwards.

Every time someone wishes to develop something, the media publicise the minority.

This minority is always going on about how a bug will lose its home or a bird will have to be relocated and how developers make huge amounts of money.

Bad luck for the nay-sayers and greenies.

The reality is we need development to happen, the developers may make money, but this brings jobs, investment and growth.

The council also listens to the people, to the minority, and they are looking after their jobs for the next election, we need some people in the council with big, "you know whats" to stand up and be heard and not fear the people.

I sell accommodation business on the Coast and this has been a struggle for three years.

My colleagues in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are going gangbusters.

Many business owners I know here think like me.

They want growth, jobs, investment, development all the good things that allows us to prosper.

I am also sick and tired of hearing we do not want another Gold Coast.

Sekisui House wanted to invest $74million to build a 5-star resort.

If any locals had actually bothered to read their credentials they are quite the eco developer and have made huge investments around the world.

They will take their money and run I fear, a sad day for us all.

Their development would not make us like the GC, and neither will the latest offering by the developer in Caloundra wanting to develop a new hotel.

Bring it on! The reality is that current buildings are higher than this anyway so the town plan is worse than it was 10 years ago.

Once again those in power have to stand up and be heard and back these growth opportunities.

The town plan is a live document that should not be interpreted any other way other than how can we continually adjust it, so that sustainable development does happen.

The council needs a process to approve and fast-track these things, otherwise I will be retired before anything happens and I am only 50 now. …

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