Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keith Hann Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keith Hann Columnist

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LAWS have been passed to protect people from abuse on account of their race, religion or sexual orientation, but Tories are still fair game.

Hence it should be no surprise that so many voters clearly lie through their teeth about their intentions when opinion pollsters come calling.

To many on the always selfrighteous left, anyone who does not share their views is inhumane to the point of being downright inhuman.

I particularly remember the venom of the privately educated rich kids with whom I watched the results of the two 1974 elections on a flickering black and white TV in Cambridge, as each contest failed to deliver the Labour landslide they were confidently expecting.

The howls when Cambridge stayed Conservative were partly offset by one particular Labour gain. "At least they have civilised people in Oxford," huffed Georgina.

I imagine Georgina's trust-funded children in the front line of that mob baying obscenities and scrawling graffiti on war memorials in their attempted anti-Tory putsch at the weekend. Because the election was clearly rigged, right? And if it wasn't, then the stupid electorate was misled by the Murdoch and Rothermere press with their lies and scare tactics.

Because every decent, caring human being is a socialist at heart, aren't they? Well, no they're not. And no matter how many times the history lesson gets repeated, the left never seems to learn that England is fundamentally a conservative country.

Heaven knows there are enough clues scattered around, like the enduring hereditary monarchy, our collective love for unspoilt countryside, and the fact that Labour's only landslide successes in my lifetime have been under a leader who made the party's pitch significantly more conservative.

Yet still the cry will go up in some quarters that they lost because they weren't left wing enough. Yes, that will be exactly why Ukip managed to hoover up so many of their traditional supporters on Thursday. Good luck with repositioning to offer even more red-blooded socialism.

Oh, and next time, maybe try choosing a leader who looks like a potential Prime Minister rather than the head teacher of failing comprehensive. …

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