Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Sport in Brief

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Sport in Brief

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FOOTBALL YESTERDAY'S RESULT Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final: Middlesbrough 0 Norwich City 2.

GREYHOUNDS SUNDERLAND 2.18 (450m): Tango Tanya, Ringtown Blade, Boley Bandit, Morell Mikey (M), Druids Romano (M), Farloe Bugatti (M). 2.37 (450m): Data Suzie, Kinloch Blaze, Tip The Black (M), Hoppatoonatee (M), Drumna Bandon (M), Golf Buddy (W). 2.57 (450m): Bernish Brae, Autumn Axel, Early Flame (M), Daring Thunder (M), Coeliac Jean (M), Dunmail Jakey (M).

3.17 (261m H/c): Knockeen Bound (5), Cu Deich Paw (2), Clonlost Flyer (M) (2), Breakaway Wink (1), Allowdale Mary (scr), Cnoc Queen (M) (scr).

3.38 (450m): Bingly Bongly, Pick Right, Rihannas Lady, Eoins Stanley (M), Radiator Springs (M), Macys Millie (M).

3.58 (450m): Becky Boo, Tugboat Tess, Patchy Be Cool, Loughside Stefi (M), Laurens Candy (M), Westoe Coors (W). 4.18 (450m): Soon For You, Druids Gloria, Sugarland Gig, Out Of Thorpe (M), Close House Blue (M), Mill Perrier (M). 4.37 (450m): Chickadee, Farley Croft, Macys Majestic (M), Driving Champ (M), Tenerife Volcano (M), Spy Queen (M). 4.57 (450m): Montreen, Roe Poppy, Billys Scarlet, Greenisle Lassie (M), Aislings Blondy (M), Autumn Facebook (M).

5.17 (640m H/c): Hideaway Holly (M) (13), Zulu Lady (11), Brekons Bella (7), Clonlusk Pride (2), Lisneal Nellie (2), East London (M) (scr).

5.33 (450m): Derrane Phoenix, Mill Slice, Clonregan Roxy, Witton Messi (M), Elwick Crisis (M), Tullymurry West (W). 5.47 (450m): Lady Midas, Morell Scooter, Daring Lilly (M), Butterbridge Tia (M), Riada Gem (M), Lisogarbh Cormac (W). 6.04 (450m): Daring Rumble, Baidir, Caulry Special, Witton Impact (M), Tullymurry Genie (M), Seathwaite Jith (W). 6.18 (450m): Moneygall Nico, Kilkenny Bonus, Tenerife Reina, Quanns Gull (M), Dandy Dude (M), Yearofthesnake (W). Reserves: Aura Sugar (M), Banana Sky, Colmyaro Blaze (M), Corley Eye Eye (), Oakfront Mist, Powerstown Ivory (M), Roeview Falcon, Roo Hawthorn, Scarlett Rose, Toxneys Lark (M), Tyrgal Paddy (M), Wellpad Gent, Wiltshire Grace (M). …

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