Newspaper article Tweed Daily News (Tweed Heads, Australia)

The Future of Medicine = C

Newspaper article Tweed Daily News (Tweed Heads, Australia)

The Future of Medicine = C

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DR MARGARET Burning has had the kind of career that can only fill you with awe and admiration. From working with the Red Cross during the AIDS crisis and Directing the Parramatta Blood Bank during the Hepatitis C crisis, to becoming the CEO of the South Australian Blood Bank and collaborating on stem cell research, she obviously knows a thing or two about viruses and medicine.

When a doctor of this calibre makes the move to combining traditional medicine with vitamin based nutritional therapies and a preventative health focus, it would seem a little silly not to take notice.

In this last part of her career Dr Burning is devoted to nutrition as a way of preventing illness rather than always treating it.

Now working with the Natural Bridge Medical Centre in Numinbah Valley, Dr Burning regularly administers intra-venous doses of Vitamin C as part of a three pronged approach.

Personality expert and Counsellor David Burke, who works with Dr Burning at the clinic explains that the three aspects the centre focuses on are traditional medicine, vitamin therapy and mindfulness meditation to reduce stress.

"We're not looking at nutritional medicine as being in opposition to standard medicine, we're seeing it as complimentary," says David.

"Stress compromises the immune system and it makes us sick. Nutritional and Meditation tools reduce the stress in people's lives. As a consequence of that we're able to build people's immune systems up.

"The reality is we can't avoid stress but we can manage it."

David explains that often when people retire, they collapse because they've held it together until they retire and then the long term stress comes back as a chronic illness.

David says that in conjunction with meditation, Vitamin C is particularly important for avoiding this situation and reducing the oxidative stress that the body is under.

"The problem with Vitamin C is only rich people can afford to source it all naturally. Vitamin C has a short half-life and starts decaying in fruit or vegetables as soon as you pick it. So the longer it takes to get to the plate the less Vitamin C you get.

"It's the Vitamin C that protects the body from decay or aging and consequently protects it from illness and sickness.

"If you get a cold, a single infusion of Vitamin C will remediate the cold. It will be gone in a couple of days because the Vitamin C will fight the infection and the stress that the cold is causing.

"If you were being proactive, you would have an infusion every month or two months and then supplement that with daily oral Vitamin C. The oral stuff is great but you can't get enough in you to manage chronic illness.

Mr Burke says in times of high oxidative stress like when you've got the flu, Glandular Fever, Ross River or Herpes, you need high levels of Vitamin C and that can only be obtained intra-venously. …

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